insulated pipes


Various systems are available for the insulation of pipes for district heating or cooling systems. They are designed to provide high mechanical strength and good adhesion. They are suitable for production of small and large pre-insulated pipe. 


Systemhouse developed specific polyurethane systems to fulfil customer requirements such as:

Systofoam UD369 for insulation of construction beams. The 45Kg/m³ density gives the required dimensional stability and the necessary thermal resistivity.

The Systofoam UE300 is an elastomer suitable for coating magnets that are used to reserve electrical circuits in buildings.
It can be coloured as desired. 


Thermal insulation of circuits, devices and accessories (Insulation)

The SYSTOFOAM UI-systems are tailored tot he specificities of on-site injection (In-Situ). They enable achieving fire classification, EUROCLASS BS3d0, according to EN 13501, in ISOXAL sheets.