Systemhouse offers energy efficient solutions for the construction market. In addition, we are also increasingly active in the ‘house insulation’ market, where we offer a wide variety of spray foams, for both inhouse and outdoor applications.

We are convinced that our corporate social responsibility for sustainable business starts with the development of new products. We actively search for environmentally friendly solutions when developing and broadening our product range.

One of our most recently developed products, specifically intended for ‘home insulation’, is a good example of this.

SYSTEMHOUSE OS620 ecological insulation foam

Systemhouse OS620 is an ecological friendly insulation foam. The expansion of the insulating foam is water-based, so that no harmful gases are released.

The unique open cell structure of the OS620 insulation foam ensures that an airtaght and breathable insulation foam is formed. This is one of the reasons why it is suitable for insulating the most difficult surfaces. Roofs, walls, timber frame construction, attics and crawl spaces.
The insulating foam is sprayed insitu and has excellent thermal and acoustic properties.  

The advantages of the OS620 insulation foam :

  • 100 % water-based expansion, completely odorless and ozone friendly
  • Fire resistant in accordance with standard 11925-2, self-extinguishing in case of fire, no drop formation
  • Low density, extremely light and durable
  • Open cell structure
  • Lambda-value = 0,038 W/m.K
  • Good for people and the environment
  • Harmless to the ozon layer and global warming

The system is Keymark certified by BECCA (n° 001-BK-551-14538-0001-M0M1) and approved by the Flemish and Walloon regions. See Epb databank

Certification and technical documentation on request.