HFO spray systems

Systemhouse developed spray foam systems based on the latest blowing agent technology in terms of environmental protection. Global Warming Potential = 1. The spray system combines excellent insulation performance with easy in-situ application. They are suitable to be applied on floor, wall and roof.

Low density open cell systems

Systemhouse developed a light weight water blown spray foam systems. It is environmental friendly (GWP=1) and suitable to fill narrow cavities. The high content of open cell guarantees foam stability. These systems are suitable to be used on crawl spaces, roofs and walls.

CO2 foam systems

Our water blown spray foam systems have high closed cell content. They were developed to provide good insulation values and are easy applicable. As water is the blowing agent, Global Warming Potential = 1. These systems are adapted to be used on walls, roofs and crawl spaces, etc. However they are not suitable for floors or as support for floors.