Systemhouse invests 1 million euros

Mathieu and Pierre Castelein, the dynamic duo and enterpreneurs behind the family business, will invest 1 million euros in their business Systemhouse in Mousron. 

Systemhouse is investing heavily to increase the existing storage capacity, in response to the ever increasing demand. The expansion investment is scheduled to start in august 2020 and should be completed by mid-2021.

In the first phase, new bulk tanks are installed, which means an extra storage capacity of 300 tons. In addition, investments are also being made in a fully automatic filling installation for drums and IBC's.
In a second phase (early 2021), a semi-automatic installation will be added, which will once again increase the storage capacity for drums and IBC's by a total of 500 tons. The expansion means a total increase of the existing storage capacity by no less than 35 percent. 


Pierre and Mathieu Castelein